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Trick to Find Girls on Omegle : Language selection can play a vital role in finding girls on Omegle. If you are using your default language as English then there are more chances to find males on the website than females. This is because English is the universal language and people prefer using English. The better option is to choose a different language.

The basic idea behind this trick is that we will find the percentage of female users in different languages and then we will change our language settings accordingly. So, the probability of encountering a female stranger increases. Given below is the table that will tell you the percentage of female users according to the language.

Language Female Users Percentage
English 58Percent
Finnish 15Percent
Norwegian 19 Percent
French 17 Percent
Russian 111 Percent
Portuguese 26 Percent
German 28 Percent

How To Change Language On Omegle?

As we told you, language can be a very big factor in encountering girls on Omegle. Now, the question here is how to change the language settings on the Omegle application. Well, follow the steps given below to change the language on the website.

  1. Open the Omegle website on your desktop or Mobile.
  2. Now, scroll down and navigate to the option that says “Select a Language” and click on it.
  3. Now you can select one of the languages given above and go back to the Text or Video chat buttons.
  4. Start chatting and see the results.

Although it is a very good option to meet and chat with only girls on the Omegle app, it comes with a few drawbacks. When you have selected a certain language on Omegle, you will be typing your text in English and Omegle servers will change it language that you have selected. This makes it easier for the person on the receiving end to understand. But, when they reply to you in their native language, will you be able to understand it? Maybe, not. However, you can always use the google translator to translate the text in English back. Know that it will consume time and there are chances that the girl on the other end might leave the chat. Oops!! Big Disappointment!! So better take care of this factor if you don’t want the girl to leave the chat.


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