The 49+ Best Private Day Schools in the United States


The rankings below have been compiled on the basis of a number of factors. In terms of academic excellence, the schools on the following list maintain a superior level of instruction, quality relationships with top-tier colleges, and additional academic awards and honors. The majority of students who attend these day schools attend Ivy League universities or the colleges just underneath the Ivies in college ranking materials.

Because diversity of the student body is integral to preparing students for living and working in a connected, global society, we factor this into our criteria for the rankings. The diversity of a student population, as well as opportunities to connect to the world, are telling factors of a school’s commitment to preparing its students for the world outside of the school environment.

The third aspect assessed for this listing consists of intangible factors, such as innovative degree programs in the arts, current student satisfaction with their high school, quality and experience of the faculty, or modern lab or athletic facilities. Also, we have striven for as much geographical diversity as is consistent with our other criteria.

Note about boarding schools: Schools that receive day students along with boarding students will be included in a follow-up article on boarding schools. This article focuses on private high schools that do not provide boarding facilities.

Note about tuition: The tuition price comes from the most current figure posted on the school’s websites. Most of the numbers listed are exclusive of textbooks, lunches, and other fees.

Note about alumni/alumnae: In some cases, notable persons who attended a school, but did not graduate, are also listed.

  1. Trinity School. (New York, New York)
  2. Roxbury Latin School. (Boston, Massachusetts)
  3. Brearley School.
  4. Horace Mann School.
  5. Winsor School.
  6. College Preparatory School.
  7. Collegiate School.
  8. Spence School.


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