Sophia Urista Viral Video Link 2022

The Brass Against band was also as flabbergasted as the public were, and apologised on an Instagram post the day after their performance. They have stated how Sophia got carried away. Not long after, Sophia too, has released an apology through her official Instagram account. She stated how she has “always pushed (her) limits in music and on stage“, and that night, she went too far. She mentioned how much she loves her family, band and the fans, and proceeded on to apologise for offending or hurting anyone because she didn’t mean it. She ended the apology in stating that she is not a shock artist, then thanked everyone for their continuous support and love.  
Sophia Urista Viral Video

If you remember Janet Jacksons legendary ‘Velvet Rope’ tour their came a time when she brought a fan up on stage and tied him up, tied him down then made him moan real loud while whisperin’ I wanna feel a soft rope burn as she serenaded the fan with the song ‘Rope Burn’.  It was sexy, fun and for the fan a once in a life time experience that we are sure has burned into his imagination on a daily basis ever since.  Then the other day, on November 11th to be exact, singer/songwriter, Sophia Urista, the frontwoman for New York-based cover band Brass Against while performing at a concert at Rockville metal festival in Daytona. Sophia Urista decided to go Janet Jackson Rope Burn meets R. Kelly 5.0 by bringing a fan up on stage and lay down on the stage floor while performing, Brass Against cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Wake Up”.   We don’t now if Sophia Urista was trying to wake up the fan or if she really had to relieve herself, as she told the audience, but whatever the case, Urista, decided to give the fan a golden shower that he didn’t ask for to make matters worse it seems that Urista had a lot to drink before that performance because ole girl let it go like a race horse.  (see video below)


Unlike Janet Jackson’s ‘Rope Burn’ performance, Sophia Urista’s performance did not look fun, sexy and I’m sure that man is traumatized (well unless he is into strangers peeing on him in front of large crowds).  So after the video of Sophia Urista urinating on a fan went viral just before her getting dragged on social media, Sophia Urista apologized publicly to the fan via her social media.