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Who is Khan Sir?

Khan Sir, as he is called by his followers, teaches General Studies on his YouTube channel named ‘Khan GS Research Center.

A person by the name of ‘Khan Sir’ has been trending on social media for the past few days.

Without any context, it is rather difficult to explain the story of a person who is well known in some education circles but remains a random name in the vast ocean of social media.

About Khan Sir

Khan Sir, as he is called by his followers, teaches General Studies on his YouTube channel named ‘Khan GS Research Center. He has a niche following but his total subscriber base has already crossed the 92 lakh mark.

His unique teaching style, which is peppered with east Indian elements and colloquialism, is a huge hit among fans and followers.

Khan Sir Office Address  or Khan Sir Patna Address

Unnamed Road, Musallahpur Hat,

Chak Musallahpur, Muhammadpur,

Patna, Bihar 800004


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Khan Sir Whatsapp Number

+91 8877918018 / +91 8757354880

Khan Gs Research Centre Contact Number

+91 8757354880 / +91 8877918018

Khan Gs Research Centre Youtube Channel

Who is the owner of Khan GS Research Centre?

About Khan Sir | who is Khan Sir? Khan Sir is a teacher and the founder-director of Khan GS Research Center. This Khan GS Research Centre is a coaching centre which is the largest coaching in Patna (Capital of Bihar, India), founder of Khan GS Research Centre Youtube channel.

What is Khan GS Research Centre?

Khan Sir is the founder-director of GS Research Center, the largest coaching mine in Patna district of Bihar, because of his style of teaching. Famous that his YouTube channel has grown so much in a few months, now he has 9.47M subscribers on his YouTube channel.


FAQs About Khan Sir

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Is Khan Sir vegetarian?

He is a Vegetarian.

How do I contact Khan sir?

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Khan Sir Phone Number, House Address, Contact Address, Email Id.

Phone Number +91 887-7918-018 +91 875-7354-880
Official Website Not Available

What is Khan sir real name?

The controversy then took a different turn as uninitiated netizens started looking up for more information on Khan Sir. Some said that his original name is Amit Singh and there were many who said his name is Faizal Khan.

How much does Khan Sir earn?

Find Blow Khan Sir Patna Biography or Short Wikipedia of Khan Sir

Real Name R. Khan
Date of Birth NA
Age 28
Weight 61 kg
Contact No.  +91 8877918018 / +91 8757354880
Monthly Income  3 – 5 Lakh Approx.
Net Worth 1 Crore
Birth Place Gorakhpur, Uttar p…