How to Generate UCO Bank New ATM PIN


How to Generate UCO Bank New ATM PIN –
In this post you will know how to set the PIN of UCO Bank ATM Card. If you have also taken a new ATM card of UCO Bank and you do not know how to activate it, then you read this post of ours.


UCO Bank atm card activate

UCO Bank has also started the facility to set a new PIN by generating a green pin to activate its ATM card. Now you can set the PIN of your new ATM card yourself with the help of the registered mobile number and if you forget or want to change the PIN, you can do that too.

You have to activate the new UCO bank atm card by generating a green pin. For this two things will be needed.

UCO Bank ATM Card
Registered Mobile Number
If you have both these things, then you can activate it by setting a new PIN of your ATM card in a short time.


How to Generate and Activate UCO Bank ATM Card Green PIN –
Go to any UCO Bank ATM with your UCO bank atm card and registered mobile number and follow the steps given below –

First Step – Generate Green Pin

Insert your UCO ATM card into the machine and select your language
After this the option of Green PIN will appear on the next screen, select it
Next Step Click on Generate OTP option
After this you have to type your UCO bank account number and tap on correct
Now a message will come on your registered mobile number in which you will get a code, it is called Green PIN.

2nd Step – Set New PIN –

Now once again insert the ATM card in the machine and select the language
After that select the option with Green PIN
On the next screen, you will get the option of Validate OTP, select it
Now enter your UCO Bank account number and click on correct
Now on the next screen you will get the option of Enter OTP, in this type the code that came in your mobile and tap on correct
After this you have to enter a new 4 digit PIN which you have to remember
Proceed by re-entering the PIN once again
Now you have successfully created your new PIN, now you can do transaction from ATM with the help of this PIN.

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