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Google input tools Tamil

Google input tools Tamil is a tool that will help you easily type in Tamil. You know that every single country and every state has its own mother language, which you use in your day to day life. Whether you want to write something or talk about something. But when you get somebody from facebook twitter etc. You have to talk about that language in which you do not have a little bit of knowledge, That time it will help you to type in that language.

When you have to write online and offline in Tamil, you will be able to type in Tamil with this Input tools.

How to install google Tamil input tools in window

First of all download, both set up from the given link:

Download Software from….

  1. googleinputtools.exe
  1. googleinputtoolTamil.exe

Remember: first install googleinputtools.exe and then install googleinputtoolTamil.exe

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