Emilia Jones: The most challenging things in life


Actor Emilia Jones opens up about her film, CODA, emerging as the top contender in the award season this year

Young actor Emilia Jones, 19, is making right noises with her splendid performance in the film, CODA. The film is already emerging as favourite amid the award season this year and is in the race to win an Oscar for the Best Picture.

Taking of her experience of working in the film, Jones exclusively tells us, “When I started shooting for the film, I was really young. I still am but it was definitely a challenge. There were moments when I would cry, or I would really be stressed. But at the same time, I think that’s so great. Because the most challenging things in life that scare you are the most rewarding ones. At the end of it, you feel so good. Because you know, you did it. When I was starting out, I was really young, I still am. And you still are figuring out what I (would) like to do and things. (After doing the film) I learned that I like to be pushed.”

The actor says that through this movie, she learned quite a few things about herself too. “The most amazing thing about this job is we get to learn and educate ourselves, like I would have never probably learned sign language unless this movie came along. So, I hope that I can continue (on the path). I just would love longevity. I love acting and I would love to continue and learn really cool skills,” she says while giving a sneak peek into her exhaustive preparation to play a child of deaf adults in the film.

The Apple TV+ project takes the audience on a journey of her finding a rhythm in her life, and she has found a new rhythm in her career as well after becoming a star during the pandemic. The film is nominated for three Academy Awards.

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