Assam Gk Test Quiz By Khan Sir


Assam Gk Test Quiz By Khan Sir

#1. In Ancient times, Assam is also known by the name of

#2. In which hill top, the Kamakhya Temple is located

#3. In which year, the capital of Assam shifted from Shillong to Dispur

#4. The Asam Sahitya Sabha was first founded in the year

#5. The first conference of Asam Sahitya Sabha was held at

#6. Who was the first President of Asam Sahitya Sabha

#7. Total number of National Parks in Assam

#8. Total number of bridges over the river Brahmaputra

#9. The Naranarayan Setu connects the Pancharatna Town with which city

#10. Who was the first Chief Minister of Assam

#11. Srimanta Sankardev was born in the year